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Edmond is a research data repository for Max Planck researchers. It is the place to store completed datasets of research data with open access. Edmond serves the publication of research data from all disciplines and offers scientists the ability to create citable research objects.
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Feb 27, 2024
Parab, Lavisha, 2023, "Chloramphenicol reduces phage resistance evolution by suppressing bacterial cell surface mutants",, Edmond, V5
This dataset contains antibiotic plate images and fastq sequencing data of the fluctuation experiment. Please refer to README file for details on the filenames
Feb 27, 2024
Baldoni, Cecilia, 2024, "Data and code for "Captivity alters behavior but not seasonal brain size change in semi–naturally housed shrews"",, Edmond, V1
Data (.csv)and Models (.R) for the paper "Captivity alters behavior but not seasonal brain size change in semi–naturally housed shrews"
Feb 26, 2024
Beyer, Frauke, 2024, "A singularity container for derivation of spatial WMH",, Edmond, V1
This singularity file can be used to create WMH parcellation with the Bullseye segmentation approach. Fore more details see
Feb 26, 2024
Peredkov, Sergey, 2024, "PINK: a tender X-ray beamline for X-ray emission spectroscopy",, Edmond, V1
Data for the publication. Figures: 2-4, 6,7,10-14
Feb 26, 2024
Hermann, Klaus E., 2022, "Balsac download package",, Edmond, V50
Feb 23, 2024
Sendker, Franziska Luisa; Hochberg, Georg, 2024, "Source Data for "Emergence of fractal geometries in the evolution of a metabolic enzyme"",, Edmond, V1
Raw data for MP spectra and kinetic traces as well as phylogenetic trees, alignments, ancestral sequences and growth curves.
Feb 21, 2024
Jeong, Choongwon, 2024, "Data for "Reconstructing the genetic relationship between ancient and present-day Siberian populations"",, Edmond, V1
This collection includes the EIGENSTRAT format genotype data of 205 ancient individuals for the 1240K SNP panel. The individuals were previously published elsewhere but only FASTQ or BAMs were made publicly available by the original studies. We deposit the 1240K genotype call of...
Feb 20, 2024
Behrendt, Gerrich, 2024, "A new Zymomonas mobilis platform strain for the efficient production of chemicals",, Edmond, V1
Online repository of DNA sequence files regarding a new chassis strain of Zymomonas mobilis.
Feb 20, 2024
Girard, Martin; Olvera de la Cruz, Monica; Marko, John; Erbas, Aykut, 2024, "Heterogeneous flexibility can contribute to chromatin segregation in the cell nucleus",, Edmond, V1
Dataset for ring polymers under confinement as a model for chromatin in the cell nucleus
Feb 20, 2024
Gaida, John; Lourenço-Martins, Hugo; Sivis, Murat; Rittmann, Thomas; Feist, Armin; García de Abajo, F. Javier; Ropers, Claus, 2024, "Data for: Attosecond electron microscopy by free-electron homodyne detection",, Edmond, V1
Figure source data supporting the publication "Attosecond electron microscopy by free-electron homodyne detection" All plots from the manuscript can be replotted using the data sets in the folder data and the Jupyter Notebook plot_script.ipynb. You can use this data repository in...
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